Enrollment Planning

Course Enrollment Statistics:

The reports contains state-support enrollment for the regular semesters and summer, including course sections, seat counts, Full-time Equivalent (FTES) at the college, department, section, and course levels.

This report presents an unofficial course enrollment data that is available and updated daily during the registrations and ends at the official census date. The FTES targets are assigned based on the projected enrollment demands from Induced Course Load Matrics as well as the suggested high demand courses from Ad Astra.

Student (Major) Enrollment Statistics:

The reports contains a snapshot of state-support enrollment figures (including student heacount, FTES, and Average Unit Load) by residency and the trends thoughout the registration period. The reports will end on the official census date.

The reports provide an unofficial student enrollment data from state-support programs, updated weekly during the registrations (until the official census date). Any student without a major is counted as undeclared.

Admission Statistics: